Monday, April 26, 2010

MashFashion Maternity Wear

Ok, so I just found out that one of my friends is having a baby and I am so excited! She's three months and already showing so she has asked me to go shopping with her. Now, I don't have much experience in the maternity ward having never been with child myself, so I must admit that I am a little clueless.

The only thing I remember about maternity wear from when my mom was pregnant 14 years ago (with my little sister Ashli) is that things had elastic and were pretty much or so unfashionable. My friend is petite (like 5'2) and days is that everything was the hunt for new clothes is on. We're due for a shopping trip this week and I know that empire dresses are a must, I also know that a few linen blazers (it is Miami), t-shirts and some type of elastic shorts would help. While online I stumbled across the Nom maternity line, it features everything from t-shirts to jean shorts. My favorites, this Cece dress, a block striped maxi, that could def. be worn for post-baby. I also read somewhere that Heidi Klum was all about buying clothes in larger sizes to accommodate her expanding belly.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MashMusic: The Heavy - "How You Like Me Now?"

On my search for daily deals mp3 deals from Amazon, which features complete albums for $4.99 or less, I stumbled across The Heavy latest album The House That Dirt Built, which features the song How You Like Me Now (also heard in a Kia commercial). I don't know why I haven't been aware of this group before because they are beyond awesome! It's a mix of neo-soul and rock and they make amazing music. Here's a video of them performing on the David Letterman show, after which he asked them for an encore (apparently this is a first for the show). Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, so this is kind of a follow-up to my earlier post about the new film The Back-Up Plan only this time I would like to focus only on the fabulous accessories J. Lo had on throughout the film. I'll start off with the Dianne von Furstenberg Stephanie hobo. Aside from Alex O'Loughlin I couldn't keep my eyes off of the gold metallic knitted leather bag.

Which was carried throughout the film. J. Lo's character Zoe also wore a stack of leather bracelets. I couldn't find the exact match online, but I did find these Cara Couture leather bracelets which come in a variety of spring colors and has a gold clasp.


The Back-Up Plan Jennifer Lopez Movie Review

Ok, so I caught the new Jennifer Lopez film The Back-Up Plan which also stars the adorable Alex O'Loughlin who you may know from CBS' cult hit Moonlight. Overall the movie was a little predictable, but it was great seeing J. Lo back on the big screen, the movie has a lot of funny scenes and while I feared the best parts were given away in the trailers, there were still a few extra laughs to be had. The movie follows Zoe a thirty-something who is desperate to start a family of her own, she finally decides on artificial insemination and as with most things, the universe throws the man of her dreams, Stan, her way. The relationship develops rather quickly and she of course finds out that she is pregnant and they both have to decide what that means for their budding romance. All in all a good date night movie (the guys can look at J. Lo, the girls can swoon over Alex). I give the movie two and a half mashes (out of four ;).