Monday, April 26, 2010

MashFashion Maternity Wear

Ok, so I just found out that one of my friends is having a baby and I am so excited! She's three months and already showing so she has asked me to go shopping with her. Now, I don't have much experience in the maternity ward having never been with child myself, so I must admit that I am a little clueless.

The only thing I remember about maternity wear from when my mom was pregnant 14 years ago (with my little sister Ashli) is that things had elastic and were pretty much or so unfashionable. My friend is petite (like 5'2) and days is that everything was the hunt for new clothes is on. We're due for a shopping trip this week and I know that empire dresses are a must, I also know that a few linen blazers (it is Miami), t-shirts and some type of elastic shorts would help. While online I stumbled across the Nom maternity line, it features everything from t-shirts to jean shorts. My favorites, this Cece dress, a block striped maxi, that could def. be worn for post-baby. I also read somewhere that Heidi Klum was all about buying clothes in larger sizes to accommodate her expanding belly.

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