Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did!!

Obama won!! The best man truly won the election, words can't express the joy and happiness I feel right now! It feels like a New Year and it really is a new year, a new era. The best man won the job and far exceeded the expectations of every poll. Thanks to everyone who went out and vote. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today!

Here in Miami at my local polling place the wait time was about an hour, between getting in line and actually getting my ballot, but it also had a lot to do with my last name (the A-G's were in full force). It was amazing to see whole families at the poll, grandmothers with their grand kids, moms and dads, sisters and brothers it was amazing. So if you haven't done so get out and vote!! And depending on your poll the lines may be long so here are a few songs that you can listen to on your Ipod while you wait:

1. I Decided by Solange
2. Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley
3. Exodus, Bob Marley
4. Jamming Bob Marley (seeing a Theme here?)
5. Anything by Bob Marley
6. Anything by Stevie Wonder
7. Good Morning by Kanye West

Enjoy this day! 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Get a Fierce Flush

Ok, that's it I am totally in love with Tarte cheek stains!! They are easy to use and work on a variety of skin tones (I should know I tried one stain on each of my sisters). Right now I am totally in love with fierce a little tube featured in the tres cheek a cute little set that features three different colors.

The company also has a set of great lip glosses, while at Sephora this weekend I was disappointed to find that they didn't carry a foundation in my color (I'm a 5 in Clinique loose powder). Their eye, lip and cheek products are worth giving a look.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Baaack!!

I know it's been more than a month but I have lots and lots of news to share, starting with my trips to Atlanta and Washington D.C. each for less than 50 bucks!! My first deal of the new and improved blog is the Spirit Air $9 fare club, for a 60 day trial and $9 you can get awesome deals on roundtrip flights to Las Vegas, New York, L.A. and even the Bahamas. Right now you can travel with fares that start as low as $2.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Premieres

Labor Day has come and gone and the start of the new season for television begins started off right with the premiere of Gossip Girl and Prison Break and continues this week with the series premiere of the new 90210 and the season 4 premiere of Bones. I will definitley make an effort to watch each of these shows. What shows are you looking forward to? You know the drill drop me a line in the comments.

The end of labor day also marks the start of New York Fashion Week with the Mercedes Benz Spring/Summer fashion show starting Sept. 5, unfortuneatly I won't be able to attend this year but I will keep you guys up to date with the latest and greatest in Spring Fashion and possible trends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

In Remembrance

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the death of singer and actress Aaliyah, one of my favorite entertainers I still remember when I first caught on to her music with "One in a Million." She went on to star in a few films and make hit records with producers Timbaland and Missy E., she also had great dance moves in her videos, often with choreography by Fatima Robinson.

I know that the sky was the limit for the talented singer/actress who was taken from us too soon and inspired so many. Aaliyah was in the words of Martin Payne "Classy without showing all the assy," something many singers today can learn from.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, Miss Info has a few excerpts from Faith Evans' soon to be released book Keep the Faith...peep excerpts here (courtesy of There Faith writes about her first meeting with Tupac and what Biggie did when he found out that she allegedly slept with him...I don't know like Rick James said "Cocaine is a hell of a drug." Anything is possible...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So have you ever heard a song and soon it's on instant replay in your mind? Well, that's what Solange's single "I Decided" is for me. The song is catchy and definitley different from anything out there right now. Better still, for Solange it's different than her debut album which came out five years ago.

Beyonce's younger sister has also stepped up her fab game choosing to wear cute minis and bold colors

Her latest single is SandCastle and the Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams is set to drop Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hi Guys, I know it's been a while but I will begin to post more regularly I promise!! It's been an interesting few weeks.

So, let's start off the new and improved blog with a late review...Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, I know, it's about a bunch of kids in their early 20s and while some of the scenarios were blown a little out of proportion, the core storyline about the friendship of four lifelong friends was awesome.

Also in theaters Tropic Thunder...I haven't had the pleasure of catching this film but reviews from friends have been really great.
Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

So Sad

It has been confirmed that comedian Bernie Mac passed away early Saturday morning due to complications from pneumonia. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. Hollywood has truly lost a star.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Summer is almost over, but you can still pick up a few pairs of sandals or hook up your fall wardrobe with a new pair of pumps and now at Nine West you can get get 20 percent off when you buy two or more pair of sale shoes. My picks:

Stay cute and comfortable with these python print flats now only $29.99.

For a little added height try these wedges, now only $39.99.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Luke's Parental Advisory

So, the first full episode of Luke's Parental Advisory is out.
Check out the other three parts here.

I will definitely be watching. It airs Monday night at 10:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot (and Cool) Lips

So yesterday was a good day, I ran into my best friend from elementary school (we used to trade pudding snacks) and I found out how to get softer lips almost effortlessly with the help of C.O. Bigelow Menta Lip Shine Buffer which features sugar crystals and mint to smooth out lips.
Follow up with Spearmint Mentha Lip Shine, which cools the lips and help's make your breath minty fresh. And now if you stop by Bath and Body Works, you buy two and get one free!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Only in the MIA

Really, we have to do better an 18-year-old is accused of stealing local buses, not once, not twice but three times!

Key Quote: "Harris, according to his grandmother, has been fascinated with buses since he was a young boy."

Not to mention the press conference in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant! Hilarious.

Monday, July 21, 2008

On the Blogs

My girl over at Afrobella has tips to steal Missy E.'s album cover look.

Tia Williams has tips for keeping the sweat off your brow.

And the peeps over at BellaSugar, have tips for making your own cleanser.

Stay gorgeous!

On the Tube

Here's the round up of tonight's round up:

At 8 p.m. there's a repeat of Gossip Girl, my new favorite show , I tried so hard to avoid the show which i thought was basically about spoiled teens (and essentially it is) but the cool clothes, cute guys and dynamic of the show pulled me in and won't let go! I can't wait 'till the season premiere on Sept. 1...but untill then I'm happy catching up on all of the episodes that I missed.
Speaking of season premieres has anyone seen the promos for Privileged, if not check it here.

It seems like it will be a really good show and that the CW is trying to fill the hole left when Gilmore Girls went off the I miss Lorelai and Rory :).
Also at 8 p.m. The Big Bang Theory, a very funny show with a cool cast.

Ok, so back to television tonight be sure to check the fourth season of the Closer continues at 9 p.m. on TNT. Who doesn't love southern belle Brenda Lee Johnson?

Summer Scents

I am absolutely in love with this new scent I picked up on clearance (def. made the purchase sweeter!) at Bath and Body Works, Coco Cabana is a classic scent the retailer recently brought back to life as a "classic" scent and one whiff of the coconut takes you to the beach on a sunny day.
The sweet, light weight scent is perfect for those lazy summer days. Also stop in the store to pick up one of their bath gels for just $6. Enjoy!

MashBeauty Bag

As of late I have been absolutely obsessed with this limited edition Revlon lip gloss called Midnight Swirl in Taupe-Less, I brought it on clearance at Wal-Greens a few weeks ago and in a blink of an eye it has disappeared into the land of lost lip-glosses (I have a bad habit of losing things). Anyway, thinking that Revlon would have another product close to the finish of Midnight Swirl, I stumbled upon their new line of Mineral Lipglaze which features a little color and glossy finish that should last for up to eight hours.
I picked up Forever Fig which has a fruity-scent without being overpowering. And this week the entire line of Revlon lipcolor, nail color and eye products are on sale at CVS Pharmacy when you use your ExtraCare Card or you can skip the card and get a 40 percent discount on the entire ColorStay line at Walgreens. Stay beautiful!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On the Tube

Run's House

MTV's Run's House debuts for it's fifth season at 10 p.m. tonight. The show picks up with the Simmons' welcoming their newest addition and sisters Vanessa and Angela continue to live the bi coastal life (totally jealous!) traveling between work in LA and New York City, where she's an actress on Guiding Light.

I like this show because it's nice to see a family just being a family, they don't have the crazy antics of the Osbourne's but for some reason you just want to stay tuned, to me they're like the Huxtables for the new millennium.

Also on the air tonight, the fifth season of my favorite work/reality show Project Runway!!

Tim Gunn has to be one of the nicest guys on TV, yet he still manages to give his honest opinion about an outfit. I can't wait to see what the designers come up with this season, I'm sure no one is as fierce as Christian but we'll see...
On a side note, I watched a full episode of Baldwin Hills on BET last night, I really want to like the show, just for the novelty of it...but there's something lacking, it's almost like the actors, I mean cast starts a conversation solely for the cameras, like if the cameras weren't there they probably wouldn't have much to say. And is anyone else disgusted by the antics of Lo'Rena (clearly cast for her "bad girl" image) a 17 year-old who has more tricks than a magician? Anyway, I'll tune in for a few more episodes to see if this show can grow on me, although I doubt it since I still haven't seen an episode of The Hills or its predecessor Laguna Beach.
What's your favorite reality show, looking forward to any upcoming premieres?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Magazine Cover

Model Gisele Bündchen has always been one of my favorite models, it may have something to do with her refusal to get a nose job or the fact that she seems so easy to relate to, either way she is on the cover of V Magazine which hits newsstands today.

Looks flawless!

In it she discusses how she isn't concerned with other's opinion of her

"People will always have an opinion. Some people look at me and say, 'I can't believe this girl is even working. She should be a cleaning lady.'"

She even admits to not knowing much about fashion saying "I work in fashion but I'm not really a fashion person. I don't follow trends. I couldn't tell you which designer made that shoe or that bag. I like jeans."

After a Looong Weekend

Hi Guys!

I'm back, I had company this weekend (an aunt and two cousins) so this weekend was all about entertaining with little time for the computer :( But I'm back and have some great posts coming up so stay tuned! But for now a weekend round up:

So most of you already know (I'm late, I didn't find out until yesterday) Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl named Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline (loving this name!Marcheline is Jolie's late mother's name) . On a side note I checked out Wanted this weekend and it was an awesome film! It is definitely something that I will have to re-watch just to make sure I catch everything but it was cool (good pick cousin Nahem!)

Will Smith admitted to having an open relationship! I know there have been rumors for years but apparently in an UK interview Smith revealed that the relationship is open, now whether that means to same-sex encounters is unknown, but if they're that open I'm sure anything is possible.

Finally, Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade hosted the 12th annual Zo's Summer Groove which wrapped on Sunday with an All-Star game and Block Party in downtown Miami.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Head over to 7-11 on Friday for a free Slurpee!The convenience store celebrates its 81st year in business by giving away 7.11 oz cups of the cool drink which features 12 flavors including the new Monster Energy and my favorite Cherry Coke! Enjoy and don't sip to fast (brain freeze anyone?)

Burn Notice and Other Thursday Shows

The second season of USA's hit returns tonight at 10 p.m. and follows Michael Westen, a spy who is fired "burned" and stuck in his hometown of Miami with his mom, ex-girlfriend (and former spy) Fiona and best friend Sam. I especially like this show because it is filmed on location in Miami and anything that gives the locals a place to work is good in my book.

The second season has Michael working for the company that "burned" him. Didn't catch last season? Check out full episodes here .

Also on tonight the second season of My Boys continues at 9:30 p.m. on TBS (it repeats at 1:35 a.m.) The show follows the antics of sports journalist P.J., her brother Andy and five best friends with Andy trying to shake his "work spouse" played by My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Nia Vardalos. I didn't get hooked on this show until a few weeks ago, but after catching the entire first season on DVD (thanks Netflix) it is definitely on my list of Summer shows.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Usher with Child

Usher and his son are on the cover of the August issue of Essence Magazine.

Inside Usher dishes on everything (which I'm sure we've all heard dozens of times) from his relationship with new wife Tameka to his life with baby Usher V:

HILL HARPER: In the last year, you got married and you've had a baby. Which has changed you more?

USHER: They're both linked—I can't have one without the other. But the one thing that changed me the most is having a wife. Our child is an extension of that union.


USHER: Because now I represent what he is to become. He's gonna admire me, he's gonna look up to me. He's gonna say, "I wanna be"—or he should say—"I wanna be like my father. I wanna be a man of valor. I wanna possess what my father has as a man." To get married was a choice. To have a child is a responsibility.HARPER: Does that new responsibility challenge you to make music that is more responsible?USHER: I started making Here I Stand before I had my son and before I was married. It was a deliberate choice to make music with substance, not just about the things that we're accustomed to—music about being the celebrity, the player, or having the car, the girl and the bling.

While his latest album isn't doing as well as "Confessions" (which sold more than 1 mil. on the first week) I'm still rooting for Usher to do his thing (opportunist wife and all).

Also in next month's issue Do Right Men of 2008 which includes a few members of the cast of Typer Perry's House of Payne (Alan Payne is missing though) :

Actor Lance Gross (who is America's Next Top Model winner Eva Pigford's boyfriend)

Actor Lamman Rucker from Why Did I Get Married
(who wouldn't want to work out with him?)

Atlanta Falcon's Baller Ovie Mughelli is also featured

Check out more of the guys here.

Happy Wednesday!

Too Cute

Hey I just stumbled upon this from the peeps over at gigglesugar it is way too cute not to post.

Summer Viewing

Ok, so the summer tv is really starting to heat up with the premiere of Burn Notice this week, and The Closer, Monk and Psych all kicking off next week. Tonight Bravo continues its reality tv programming with Shear Genius a Project Runway-type show (new season starts July 16!!) that features 12 stylist competing for the top prize. I just caught on to the show this season when the stylist had to make over the Real House Wives of Orange County (I can't wait to this show premieres from Atlanta!). Tonight's episode should be interesting with the stylists giving hair cuts to women who haven't had them in years. Should be interesting.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


If you're like me during the summer (especially in hot Miami) jeans and pants are left on the side of the road in favor of dresses and shorts. Last summer my favorite was an empire wasted cotton dress from the Gap, this summer while browsing the net for bargains and deals I found these looks that piqued my fancy:

For my curvy sisters this smocked tank dress is both light and sexy and at $34.50, won't break the bank:

Old Navy Tank Dress

There is also this satin sash dress at the Gap on sale for $39.99.

Add a little glitz to either look with this Nine West Sandal:

Do you have a favorite summer style?


Get Lucious with LUSH

Recently I have been in search of natural, organic facial and body products, after watching a special Green episode of Oprah with Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, it really got me to thinking about what exactlyI was putting into my body (hot dogs and hamburgers not withstanding). So imagine my surprise and pure delight when I stumbled upon LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics a line of completely natural, vegetarian (with a few vegan) products that are all made by hand.

Even better is the sticker with the name and photo of the person who made the product just for you. The store recently opened in my mall and I am currently in love with their Bath Bombs, my fav so far is Honey Bee, it gives off a soothing honey scent that makes it hard to leave the bathroom

For my face Love Lettuce is the best, it cleanses and leaves my skin felling silky smooth without the unnecessary toxins, unfortunately this facial mask is so fresh, it can only be made in stores.
Finally, after leaving the shower, be sure to use one of their body butters... Buffy

smells great and works wonders, you actually use in the shower (after bathing) and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Though I am new to the line, the company has recently launched Retro Lush which features products from their line that were previously discontinued.
LUSH also has deodorant (still haven't tried), bubble baths, shampoos and a variety of henna products for your hair. Are there any other Lushies out there? What's the one facial, body, hair care product you can't live without? You know the deal...drop me a line in the comments section.

Marcie :)
p.s. if you're as in love with LUSH as I am check out their free stuff section where you can download wallpaper and a tune.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi guys and gals welcome to PinkPopMash, a new blog that will feature my thoughts and views on fashion, television, music and beauty with a little celeb news and everything in between. A little about me I'm a freelance writer with a script or two in the works. I looooove television and have been in love with the small screen since before I can remember (my parents used it as my babysitter), as for music I listen to everything from Donny Hathaway to Paramore, to me Whitney Houston has the best voice ever. What about you? Who is your fav singer, actor? Add a comment below. Also, I'm new to this whole blog thing, so if you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line.