Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Two String Jane by Alyssa Zukas

Etsy, where have I been? All of this time I thought you were full of tea cozies and Santa sweaters. Which is why I was kind of glad when I stumbled across Two String Jane in a Boho Magazine, featuring this really cool Bonjour red striped shirt, both for around $28. I had to check out her site to see more. While there I found this great lighting bolt deep-v teeshirt, so rock and roll, so perfect for summer. I was so inspired by Alyssa Zukas' designs that I decided to ask her a few questions to post on the blog. You can find more of Alyssa's designs at twostringjane.com Here is the first part of our interview:

MASH: When did you know that you wanted to be a designer?
AZ: I've always been drawing, sewing, painting or had my hands in some kind of creative project since I was little but I really got into designing in high school. I played around a lot with my mom's old vintage stuff, trying to re-interpret things to be more modern.

MASH: What inspires your work?
AZ: I am mostly inspired by vintage fashion, current trends and all the cool people I see on the street. I like to keep it fun and fresh.

MASH: Do you listen to a specific type of music when creating your work?
AZ: As far as music goes, my current playlist has a little bit of Led Zeppelin, Kings of Convenience, Paul McCartney and Kings of Leon. My music changes with the seasons!

heart deep v neck artist series tee

MASH: So, you have designed for Urban Outfitters, how did that opportunity come about?
AZ: I just worked in their store in Merchandising and entered an Employee Tee Contest one day. They loved my design and wanted more... and the rest is history!

MASH: Why did you decide to sell your designs on Etsy?
AZ: My friend told me about the site when it first started WAY back in 2005 but I didn't start selling until recently. I really love the creativity of the Etsy community and the ease of use. Plus there's no better way to test a design to see if it's working than getting it out there on Etsy, it keeps me on my toes!
Check out part two tomorrow, and find out how Alyssa came up with the name Two String Jane :).

(all photos courtesy of etsy.com/twostringjane)

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