Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smart Girls at the Party

Twitter was alive today with tweets about Amy Poehler's new venture Smart Girls at the Party. Of course I had to check it out and came to this conclusion: Amy Poehler is fabulous! Not only is she pretty, smart and funny, but she hangs out with a cool group that includes her friends Meredith Walker and Amy Miles and together they came up with a website where they put the spotlight on girls and women who are making a difference in the world by being the best them that they can be! Below is a video that features Rachel, a 12 year old who builds robots! Check out the vid to hear Amy P. tongue in cheek interview questions and hear about a cool girl who likes to build things. Watch till the end for a dance break with appearances by Aziz Ansari, Amy P.'s hubby Will Arnett and more. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

that was lol hilarious.It's nice to see that smart people are finally getting some recognition.