Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I stumbled across Italian brand MSGM through Donald Glover (Troy on community)
So, I had to take a peak at their fall/winter collection, even though Miami is seriously lacking in both of those seasons, it is nice to dream. Plus, the collection has a few brightly colored dresses that go for any season. Enjoy!

There's even something for the boys: 


Nita -Karoliina said...

Thanks for your participation to my give away!
good luck :)

(nice blog)

Marissa said...

ha! no problem, those earrings rock!

Anna said...

Very nice! I love the clothes in the first picture <3

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

Those boys are super cute.
I'd love to dress my boy like this...


-hope to hear from you.
<33 amy <33

Jessica said...

Gorgeous! I'm dying over that skirt in the first photo!

Marissa said...

@amy, i know I would love for my guy to dress like this.

@jessica that skirt is cute!