Sunday, September 4, 2011



If you're like me, you immediately associate Gloria Steinem with the women's right movement of the 60's and 70's. I'm pretty sure my assessment  of her didn't really go beyond that, luckily though I watched the HBO Documentary on her Gloria: In Her Own Words, a too short, if you ask me (it's just an hour long) overview of her life beginning with her first big story, an expose on the Playboy Club and the conditions the women there worked under.It was just the beginning of a new mission Ms. Steinem had on working for women's equality, a goal that is still not fully realized (women only make 75 cents for every $1 a man makes), it gives insight into the progress she has made in the 40+ years since she became one of the faces for the movement.  I was amazed at the negative feedback she encountered, especially from the other women who she was trying to help. Gloria's goal was for women to have a choice...something that my generation has definitely benefited from, even if we haven't fully realized the dream (of her or Dr. King but that's a story for another day). The film is definitely worth checking out. The trailer is below.

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