Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adventures in Baking

I was craving an Oreo cake so I hunted the web for a recipe. I probably should have taken more photos as I baked, but I really wasn't sure how this cake would turn out, therefore wasn't sure if I would post. Luckily, it came out pretty good! So, I decided to share. I took the recipe from Annie's Eat's blog and modified it .Here's my take:

Cookies and Cream (Oreo) Cake


White cake mix

30 Oreos (or chocolate sandwich cookie) crumbled

8 oz of cream cheese (at room temperature)

1 stick of butter (I used salted) at room temperature

4 cups of powder sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp of heavy whipping cream (optional)


Follow the directions for the cake mix. When blending is complete, add half of the cookie crumble mixture and stir, to make the crumbles I placed cookies in a sandwich bag and had my  4 year-old niece crumble them with a pot (she had fun). Pour mix into baking pans (I used to 8 by 8 baking pans). Follow mix instructions for baking time (I placed my cakes in for 30 minutes).

Now the fun part, the cream cheese frosting:

Blend cream cheese and butter in bowl with mixer at medium to high speed. One cup at a time add powder sugar, be sure to scrape the sides. Add vanilla extract and heavy whipping cream (if you so please) and mix until blended.

Finally, when the cake is frosted (I actually cut each layer in half to make a four layer cake) sprinkle the remaining cookie crumbles on the top of the cake.

I loved the end result! It was quick and easy and my tasting crew (my sisters and cousin), loved it! Enjoy!

The first slice, it was delish!


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