Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Cat Walk

I've always admired Christy Turlington not only is she smart and beautiful, but she has spent the last few years fighting on the behalf of pregnant women in underdeveloped countries. Thanks to Le Fashion blog for posting the link to 1993 documentary that she was featured in Cat Walk. This is the first part (the other nine are available here), it was also cool to see a younger Kate Moss (she seems somewhat naive), Naomi Campbell and even Carla Bruni (pre-plastic surgery and marriage to the president of France). My favorite part, the John Galliano show where the models we're instructed to run down the runway like they were being chased. Also look out for vintage Karl Lagerfeld. Enjoy!


Emilie said...

She's so beautiful!

Lady Gabby said...

Thank you for following me!
I love this Chanel ad :) Fabulous!