Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Get Lucious with LUSH

Recently I have been in search of natural, organic facial and body products, after watching a special Green episode of Oprah with Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, it really got me to thinking about what exactlyI was putting into my body (hot dogs and hamburgers not withstanding). So imagine my surprise and pure delight when I stumbled upon LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics a line of completely natural, vegetarian (with a few vegan) products that are all made by hand.

Even better is the sticker with the name and photo of the person who made the product just for you. The store recently opened in my mall and I am currently in love with their Bath Bombs, my fav so far is Honey Bee, it gives off a soothing honey scent that makes it hard to leave the bathroom

For my face Love Lettuce is the best, it cleanses and leaves my skin felling silky smooth without the unnecessary toxins, unfortunately this facial mask is so fresh, it can only be made in stores.
Finally, after leaving the shower, be sure to use one of their body butters... Buffy

smells great and works wonders, you actually use in the shower (after bathing) and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Though I am new to the line, the company has recently launched Retro Lush which features products from their line that were previously discontinued.
LUSH also has deodorant (still haven't tried), bubble baths, shampoos and a variety of henna products for your hair. Are there any other Lushies out there? What's the one facial, body, hair care product you can't live without? You know the deal...drop me a line in the comments section.

Marcie :)
p.s. if you're as in love with LUSH as I am check out their free stuff section where you can download wallpaper and a tune.

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