Thursday, July 15, 2010

MashBeauty: Eyes for the Beach

My friend runnybunny83 over at YouTube posted this vid with tips on how to do a cool eye for the beach for summer. Check it out:


French Kiss said...

Ok i'm just wondering why would a girl go on the beach with a mask of make up on her face.
Come on, beach is to have fun, to take a sun bath, to swim, to play (beachvolley for ex). No need for make up, going to the beach is to relax.

I like the end of the video, when she sings ^^

Marissa said...

it's more of a beach-inspired look, think of it more as a night on the town while (for example the beach) type look. i promise, we're not advocating wearing make-up at the beach (it would melt anyway ;).