Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MashTV: Covert Affairs

Let's talk about Covert Affairs, the new USA show that follows Annie (Piper Perabo), a new CIA recruit as she gets her feet wet in the spy business. When I first heard about this show I instantly thought about Sydney Bristow (loooved Alias), but surprisingly it's a story that works. Romance is at the heart of the story as Annie joins the CIA to basically forget about a lost love, who it turns out may be a covert agent himself. Rounding out the cast are Christopher Gorham as Auggie, the techie, Peter Gallagher as the head of a department and his wife, Kari Matchett as Annie's boss. Overall it was an engaging story and is definitely welcome to my summer line up. 

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Emilie said...

I love Piper Perabo ;)