Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Totally Loving: Tracy Reese

Known for her bright color palette and wonderfully amazing dresses, I just had to share. The best part about Tracy Reese's designs? They're affordable (in the you won't have to miss rent, maybe just that cable bill way ;).

A look from the F10 line, how cool is this dress? It's like wearing cotton candy!

Ok, this last look is totally fall and though we don't always have much of a weather change in Miami, I am looking forward to picking up some cool gray pants and maybe a trip up north for the fall ;). Enjoy! 


mich LG. said...

Love the blue dress :)

minnja said...

Beautiful pieces :)))

Marissa said...

@mich I know, I love both the blue and the pink dress.

@minnja, thanks!

bubblistyle said...

i love all the dresses!